Centrifuge Repair and Engineering, LP (CRE)


Specialized Engineering

New applications, existing separation problems, packaged systems, sample evaluation and electrical controls built to customer specifications are just a part of our custom engineering services. We work closely with experts in the fields of metallurgy, machining, heat treating, X-ray, plating, forging and casting to offer our customers the best solutions to their separation requirements.

Field Service

Our staff of fully trained and experienced technicians meet your high-speed and decanter service needs. We also offer start-ups, training programs, and preventative maintenance programs, in addition to emergency and scheduled repairs, over-the-phone diagnoses, estimates and inspections. Call us to see how we can fill your service requirements.

In-Shop Repair Service

We specialize in all aspects of centrifuge repair, including bowl repair and rebalancing on solid wall, automatic desludging and nozzle bowls. Our decanter shop is equipped for scroll hard surfacing, gearbox repair and testing, scroll, bowl and gearbox balancing. We also offer complete frame refurbishing as well as repair of damaged and worn parts.

Westfalia SA19-06-076
Westfalia SA19-06-076