Centrifuge Repair and Engineering, LP (CRE)



Centrifuge Repair and Engineering, LP (CRE).

Home of the largest centrifuge inventory on the Gulf Coast.  Visit CRE today for your centrifuge needs.  If you do not know what you need, do not let that stop you from emailing or calling.  Send us a sample of your (liquid -liquid – solid) problem to our technical department.  We will run the sample in one of our lab size centrifuges.  Running the sample in a lab size centrifuge will guide us to make the right choice in the equipment that is best suited for the application.  Scaling up from the lab centrifuge will eliminate costly errors in the equipment selection.  We will not sell you what we have, we want to sell you what works for you – we want a long term relationship, not a one time sale.

CRE has sold many centrifuges into the agriculture, bio diesel, ethanol, chemical, pharmacutical, and industrial markets.  CRE rarely sells a used centrifuge as is.  We perfrom the reconditioning, the skid, and controls, the whole package.  What takes seven (7)- nine (9) months for an O.E.M,  we can do in several weeks, if we have the centrifuge in stock.  Looking for a hard to find centrifuge – call us.  Our inventory is always changing, we are buying good quality centrifuges every week.  We travel to any part of the world to find centrifuges.  Call or email today!!!